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NCNE - Helping Nonprofits make wise economic decisions



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Research and Theory
Nonprofit Finance Theory 1
The first of four articles that formed the first phase of NCNE's work on how nonprofits can best secure the support they need. 
by Dennis R. Young
Nonprofit Finance Theory 2
The second article on nonprofit finance, with government funding as the focus.   
by Dennis Young
Nonprofit Finance Theory 3
The third of four articles. This one addresses earned income.
by Dennis R. Young
Nonprofit Finance Theory 4
The final part of the series on nonprofit finance, with an emphasis on investments.        
by Dennis R. Young, Ph.D.
Keeping Donors Loyal;
How To Minimize Attrition on the Fundraising Database
by Adrian Sargeant
Nonprofit Revenue Streams
Powerpoint presentation by Dennis R. Young on the development of a theory of nonprofit finance. 
by Dennis R. Young
Understanding Nonprofit Funding

This book by Kirsten Gronbjerg was published in 1993, and was the culmination of extensive, in-depth long-term research with a number of social services and community development organizations during the 1980's.

by Kirsten Gronbjerg