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Financing Nonprofits

How nonprofits identify the most fruitful sources, and combinations of sources, of support is obviously critical to their success.  This topic has been a major preoccupation for NCNE over the last four years and the work we have done during that period has culminated in the publication of "Financing Nonprofits: Putting Theory into Practice."  

You can link through to the website of AltaMira Press, our co-publishers, at various points in this website, including here, and buy the book.


In the Research and Theory part of this section of the site, we've included the original newsletter editorials through which Dennis Young, President of NCNE, developed the thinking that led to the publication of Financing Nonprofits. NCNE is also in the process of abstracting and reviewing what we consider the key pieces of thinking and research about nonprofit income strategy over the last twenty years.  This will appear as member-only material in this part of the website when it is ready. 


Research and Theory

Thinking about Financing Nonprofits. The original series of articles about financing nonprofits by Dennis R. Young, and a link through to the other main piece of work that deals with nonprofit income strategy.

Practical guidance

New training materials on how to develop a nonprofit income strategy, most recently presented at the Alliance for Nonprofit Management Annual Conference in July 2008 and a Nonprofit Quarterly interview with Richard Brewster on the diversification of nonprofit income streams.