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NCNE - Helping Nonprofits make wise economic decisions



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Economics of Nonprofits

We intend this section of the Knowledge Base to provide general information about the sector and its resources and in particular articles and "thought pieces" that provide a context for nonprofit decision-making.


Where to get information on critical trends in the economics of the non-profit sector.        
Thinking and Comment
We are collecting here a number of articles and other pieces on a range of issues concerning the economics of nonprofits.  At the moment these include:  a fundamentally important paper that in 2001 predicted some the blurring of the boundaries between nonprofits and other sectors that has occurred since, by Avner Ben-Ner;  a link to a paper on how government funding affects the governance of nonprofits, by Sharon Oster and Kathy O' Regan;  a paper by NCNE President Dennis R. Young on nonprofit economic decision-making in the areas of pricing, compensation, investment strategies and ventures(member-only material;) and an article by Russ Cargo on how nonprofits can think about managing their way through a tough economic environment.