The National Center on Nonprofit Enterprise (NCNE) brings ideas from economics and strategic management to the specific application of issues faced by social purpose organizations across the board, especially not-for-profit organizations. Since 1998, the Center has produced several important books, convened three major conferences, and provided general consultation and training programs in partnership with a number of university nonprofit centers and national organizations including the Foundation Center, Georgetown University and the University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee.

We’re delighted to announce plans for a renewal of NCNE through a new partnership with Cleveland State University, the first visible manifestation of which is this new website which CSU is kindly hosting. Please read more here. » 


  • NCNE hosted a successful event in Cleveland, Ohio, on March 17, associated with preparation of the second edition of the Handbook of Research on Nonprofit Economics and Management due to be published by Edward Elgar in 2017.  Read more here. » 
  • For nonprofit leaders and managers who are considering a review of their strategic plan or conducting a planning process from scratch, NCNE has updated one of its most popular resources – “Nonprofit Planning Tools and Approaches”, a guide to pretty much every planning concept and approach that is out there.”

Knowledge Base

  • In this section of our site, we have gathered some of the most interesting and useful resources we have on a range of topics of critical interest to nonprofit leaders, consultants, foundation staff and academics: Income strategy and funding streams, strategic and business planning, How nonprofits can manage risk, Social Enterprise and Volunteers as a resource.